Applications Risk
John Kolb, Vice President 205-968-6764
Business Continuity/Crisis Management
Sue Costello, Vice President 404-498-7159
Jennifer Gibilterra, Assistant Vice President 404-498-8713
Lani Mauriello, Assistant Vice President 404-498-8121
Amanda Lawrence, Director 404-498-7267
Ebony Louis, Section Manager 404-498-7380
Community Bank Supervision Group
Steve Wise, Vice President 404-498-7351
Carolyn Healy, Assistant Vice President 305-597-6820
Allen Stanley, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7274
Trey Wheeler, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7152
Chan White, Director, BHCs 404-498-7230
Don Bardwell, Case Manager 404-498-7441
Kurt Casebolt, Case Manager 404-498-7255
Charles Clary, Case Manager 404-498-7251
Freteta Copeland, Case Manager 404-498-7183
Jennifer Duprow, Case Manager 404-498-7207
Bob Lang, Case Manager 305-597-6826
Alan Mims, Case Manager 404-498-7220
Consumer Compliance
Juan Sanchez, Vice President 404-498-7226
Paige Harris, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7855
Jeff Bragg, Director, Community Bank Exams 404-498-7105
Jennifer Littleton, Director, Policy and Outreach 404-498-7316
Debbie Radbill, Director, LBO Exams 404-498-7026
Erien Terry, Director, BHC and FBO Exams 404-498-7106
Rachel Webster, Director, CRA and Fair Lending Exams 404-498-7135
Credit & Risk Management
Doris Quiros, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7037
Mark Craig, Director 404-498-7332
Pam Hendry, Director 404-498-7949
International Supervision Group
Juan Sanchez, Vice President 404-498-7226
Molly Willison, Assistant Vice President 305-597-6856
Adriana Cabada, Case Manager 305-597-6810
Steve Dandes, Case Manager 305-597-6814
Ana Font, Case Manager 305-597-6831
Nancy Jaimes, Director, Country Risk and Foreign Bank Analysis Team 305-597-6849
John Sullivan, Case Manager 305-597-6838
Large Bank Supervision Group (LBO)
Cynthia Goodwin, Vice President 404-498-7248
John Pelick, Assistant Vice President and Central Point of Contact (Regions) 404-498-7163
Paul Roberts, Assistant Vice President and Senior Central Point of Contact (BBVA U.S. Operations) 404-498-7272
Princeton Rose, Assistant Vice President and Central Point of Contact (SunTrust Banks, Inc.) 404-498-7376
Regional Banking Organizations (RBO)
Steve Wise, Vice President 404-498-7351
Kathryn Hinton, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7289
Donna Fay, Director, RBO BHC Unit, and Central Point of Contact (Hancock) 404-498-7121
Nino Galich, Central Point of Contact (BankUnited/Synovus) 404-498-7349
Nancy Jones, Central Point of Contact (Iberiabank) 404-498-7365
Dimitri Magradze, Central Point of Contact (United Community Banks, Inc.) 404-498-7330
Carolyn San Martin, Central Point of Contact (TrustMark/Capital Bank Financial Corp.) 305-597-6830
Manny Medina, Central Point of Contact (Raymond James) 305-597-6836
Savings and Loan Holding Companies
Steve Arrowood, Central Point of Contact (Shay Investment Services Inc.) 404-498-7992
Caldwell McDaniel, Central Point of Contact (EverBank) 404-498-7111
Risk Management & Analysis Group (RMAG)
John Kolb, Vice President 205-968-6764
Chapelle Davis, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7287
Maria Smith, Assistant Vice President 404-498-7104
Trent Cowsert, Director, Capital Markets 205-968-6762
James Dow, Director, Operations/Wealth Management 404-498-7142
Anna Gurna, Director, Credit Team 404-498-7144
Kathryn Haney, Director, Applications 404-498-7298
Scott Hughes, Director, Risk Analysis Unit 404-498-7212
Rick MacNamara, Director, BSA/AML 305-597-6829
Roger Pittman, Director, IT 404-498-7260
Vacant 205-498-8223