Human Capital Data & Tools

Human Capital Compendium

A repository that provides access to research published since 2008 by the Board of Governors and all 12 Federal Reserve Banks on topics related to employment, unemployment, and workforce development.

Jobs Calculator

Calculates the net employment change needed to achieve a target unemployment rate after a specified number of months. The user can adjust the target unemployment rate, the number of months, and the assumed labor force growth.

Labor Force Participation Dynamics

The population over age 60 has been putting significant downward pressure on the overall rate of labor force participation. But they are not the only factor behind the drop. Learn about the behavioral, demographic, and cyclical factors.

Labor Market Distributions Spider Chart

Designed to allow monitoring of broad labor market developments by comparing current conditions to those in up to two earlier time periods that the user selects.

Labor Market Sliders

This tool illustrates the dynamic relationship between employment growth, the unemployment rate, and GDP growth. Users can explore "what if" questions about labor market variables and GDP.

Wage Growth Tracker

A measure of the nominal wage growth of individuals.