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Fixed-Term and Permanent Employment Contracts: Theory and Evidence
Shutao Cao, Enchuan Shao, and Pedro Silos
Working Paper 2010-13 (August)
The authors provide a theory of why firms offer both employment contracts with high job protection and contracts with no protection. Using that theory, they find that increasing firing costs can increase wage inequality.

Decomposing the Education Wage Gap: Everything but the Kitchen Sink
Julie L. Hotchkiss and Menbere Shiferaw
Working Paper 2010-12 (August)
The wage gap between high school and college graduates began widening dramatically in the 1980s and 1990s. Using multiple data sources, the authors examine the source of this gap.

Assessing the Impact of Education and Marriage on Labor Market Exit Decisions of Women
Julie L. Hotchkiss, M. Melinda Pitts, and Mary Beth Walker
Working Paper 2010-2 (February)
Investigating women's decision to exit the labor market upon the birth of a child, the authors determine exit rates among single, less educated women are consistent with change in overall female labor force participation.

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