2011 Working Papers

CHCS Working Papers


The Effect of School Quality on Black-White Health Differences: Evidence from Segregated Southern Schools
David Frisvold and Ezra Golberstein
CHCS Working Paper 2011-1 (December)
Racial disparities in health have been well documented in the United States. The authors examine the effects of segregation and school quality on racial disparities in health in later life.

Atlanta Fed Working Papers


Impact of the Business Environment on Output and Productivity in Africa
El-hadj Bah and Lei Fang
Working Paper 2011-14 (November)
Assessing the business environment in 30 sub-Saharan African countries, the authors find that the poor business environment can account for 67 percent of the variation in income per worker in those countries relative to the United States.

To Work or Not to Work: The Economics of a Mother's Dilemma
Julie L. Hotchkiss, M. Melinda Pitts, and Mary Beth Walker
Working Paper 2011-2 (March)
In determining a woman's decision whether to reenter the labor force after the birth of a child, the authors find that both the direct and opportunity labor market costs of exiting the workforce figure prominently in the decision.

A Decomposition of the Black-White Differential in Birth Outcomes
M. Melinda Pitts, Mary Beth Walker, and Brian S. Armour
Working Paper 2011-1 (March)
The authors examine racial disparities in birth outcomes, finding that marriage rates, father's characteristics, and prenatal care contribute to racial differences in birth outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weight.

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