Partners (Spring 2000)

National Community Development Training

This year’s National Community Development Lending School (NCDLS) will be held at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, from July 16 – 20, 2000.

The NCDLS focuses on how to attract and underwrite community development business that is consistently profitable. The five-day curriculum is based on the key issues and current industry trends relevant to community development lending in today’s business environment. The five core areas of study include: Single-family housing, Multi-family housing, Small business development, Commercial real estate, and Community facilities lending.

Training stresses the day-to-day mechanics of underwriting community development loans and ensuring their long-term profitability.

Attendees will be limited to the first 60 community development lenders who possess a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years of community development experience.

An advisory committee comprised of experts in their field has been developed to create the curriculum for this innovative school and serve as its faculty. These experts include: Mr. Tomas Fitzgibbon, president and CEO of Manufacturers Community Development Corporation in Chicago; Ms. Karen Kollian, mid-Atlantic district director of Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation in Baltimore Mr. Jeff Nugent, senior vice president at the Development Training Institute in Baltimore; Mr. Preston Pinkett, senior vice president at PNC Bank in East Brunswick, New Jersey; Ms. Phyllis Rosenblum, senior vice president at HSBC Bank USA in New York; and Mr. Doug Woodruff, senior vice president, Bank of America in Charlotte.

For further information, please contact Fred Mendez at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco at 415/974-2722.

Community and Economic Development Conference 2000:
Seizing Opportunities in a Changing Financial Landscape

The Westin Michigan Avenue   Chicago, Illinois, October 30 - November 1, 2000

Sponsored by the American Bankers Association and the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and St. Louis, the conference will explore community and economic development with an emphasis on seizing financial opportunities and growing institutions and organizations.

For further information, please contact Barbara Sims-Shoulders at (312) 322-8232 or

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