Partners (Summer 2000)

Community Forum on Predatory Lending
Lang-Carson Community Center in Reynoldstown, Atlanta, GA, September 16, 2000

This conference is sponsored by the Atlanta neighborhood Development Partnership (ANDP) and will help community organizations and individuals identify and prevent predatory lending practices. For further information, please contact Myke Harris Long, ANDP, at (404) 522-2637.

Minority Entrepreneurs’ Conference
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA , September 27, 2000

The purpose of the conference is to inform existing or prospective entrepreneurs of the opportunities for businesses in the Philadelphia area. Presenters will include venture capital firms and banks as well as representatives from city, state, and nonprofit programs that offer special financing or technical assistance.

For further information, please contact Grace Theveny, Community and Consumer Affairs Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, at (215)574-6457 or

Community and Economic Development Conference 2000:
Seizing Opportunities in a Changing Financial Landscape

The Westin Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois, October 30 - November 1, 2000

Sponsored by the American Bankers Association and the Federal Reserve Banks of Chicago and St. Louis, the conference will explore community and economic development with an emphasis on seizing financial opportunities and growing institutions and organizations.

For further information, please contact Barbara Sims-Shoulders at (312) 322-8232 or

National Community Capital 2000 Conference
Philadelphia, PA   November 1-4, 2000

National Community Capital’s Annual Training Conference attracts more than 350 CDFI practitioners, investors, funders, and policymakers. The conference features training sessions specifically developed for CDFI investors and funders.

For further information, please contact Adina Abramowitz, National Community Capital at (215) 923-4754, ext. 205.

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