Partners (Spring 2001)

We Need Your Help!
We hope that you enjoy receiving the Partners newsletter and would like to remain in our database. In the spirit of this spring cleaning season, we are trying to update our records on your organization. In addition, we would like to get information on how we can better serve you. Let us know about interesting topics that you would like to see featured in Partners, as well as in what form you would like to receive future issues of our newsletter. Whether it is hard copy, electronic version or both - we aim to please!

Please help us by completing a very brief survey. If you are a national, state, or local organization that provides financial and/or technical assistance to community development organizations, we would like to include limited information about your organization on our public Web site. However, we will only make your information available as indicated on the survey.

Unfortunately, if we do not hear from you this may be our last correspondence. So DON'T GET LOST! Complete the survey today!

Thanks for your cooperation!

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