Partners (Summer 1996)


Information provided on upcoming events of other organizations should be viewed as strictly informational and not as an endorsement of their activities.


Housing and Development Reporter and The Institute for Professional and Executive Development, July 11-12. Rediscovered Building Blocks: New Ideas in Housing Using HOME, CDBG, Section 108, Tax Credits and Other Major Tools That are Alive and Well, Santa Monica, CA. Contact: (800) 473-3293 or (202) 331-9230.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, July 17. CRA Exam Procedures Training, Portland, OR. This training will be repeated July 19 in San Francisco, CA; July 23 in Anchorage, AL; July 25 in Seattle, WA; July 29 in San Diego, CA; July 30 and August 13 in Los Angeles, CA; August 15 in Salt Lake City, UT; August 29 in San Francisco, CA; August 22 in Honolulu, HI; and August 27 in Las Vegas, NV. Contact: Joy Hoffman Molloy (415) 974-2228.


The American Bankers Association and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, August 6-9. Community Development Lending Conference, Snowbird, UT. Ricki Helfer, Chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is a confirmed speaker at this event. Contact: Kelly Walsh (415) 974-3314.


National Council for Urban Economic Development, September 29 - October 2. CUED Annual Conference, Cleveland, OH. Contact: (202) 223-4375.

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, October 2. There's Big Business in Small Business Development (A Small Business Development Conference), Richmond, VA. Contact: Carolyn Welch (804) 697-8447.


Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, October 2-4. The New CRA: Focus on the Future, Long Beach, CA. Contact: Stasia Woods (213) 683-2785.

National Association of Community Development Loan Funds, the Chicago Community Loan Fund, and the Illinois Facilities Fund, October 23-26. NACDLF's 1996 12th Annual Training Conference, Chicago, IL. Contact Daphne R. Smith (215) 923-4754.


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