Partners (Fall 1996)



Information provided on upcoming events of other organizations should be viewed as strictly informational and not as an endorsement of their activities.


Affordable Housing Task Force of Larimer County, October 17. Fair Lending Workshop, Ft. Collins, CO. Contact: Kevin Strayman (970) 223-4000.

Florida Housing Coalition, October 23-25. Annual Statewide Affordable Housing Conference, Orlando, Florida. Contact: (904) 878-4219.

National Association of Community Development Loan Funds, the Chicago Community Loan Fund, and the Illinois Facilities Fund, October 23-26. NACDLF's 1996 12th Annual Training Conference, Chicago, IL. Contact: Daphne R. Smith (215) 923-4754.

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce, October 28-29. Housing Finance Workshop, Woodward, OK. Contact: Phillis Narcomey (405) 843-9770.

Note: This workshop will be repeated October 30 in Tonkawa, Ok; October 31 in Muskogee, OK; November 18-19 in Hugo, OK; November 20 in Ardmore, OK and November 21 in Lawton, OK.

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, October 29. CRA Exam Procedures Training, Portland, OR. Contact: Joy Hoffmann Molloy (415) 974-2228.

Note: This workshop will be repeated November 1 in San Francisco, CA; November 7 in Anchorage, AK; November 13 in Seattle, WA; November 15 in Los Angeles, CA; November 19 in Salt Lake City, UT; November 21 in San Francisco, CA; December 3 in Orange County, CA; December 5 in San Diego, CA; December 10 in Las Vegas, NV and December 12 in Honolulu, HI.


National Association of Development Organizations, November 9-12. Ideas Worth Sharing: Best Practices for Economic Development, Hilton Head, SC. Contact: (202) 624-7806.

National Council for Urban Economic Development, November 12-13. NADCO's Fall Board Meeting, Kiawah Island Inn Resort, SC. Contact: (703) 812-9000.

National Council for Urban Economic Development, November 14-16. Technical Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Contact: (202) 223-4735.

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, November 21. A Capital Solution for Small Business: A Small Corporate Offering Registration (SCOR) Seminar. San Antonio, Tx. Contact: Claudette Small (214) 922-5276.


Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, December 4-5. Financing Rural Capital Markets, Omaha, NE. Contact: (816) 881-2203.

The Enterprise Foundation in Partnership with Greater Miami Neighborhoods, Inc., December 3-7, 1996. 15th Annual Network Conference, Miami, FL; (410) 715-2267

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