Partners (Fall 1997)


The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will be a model public institution. In everything we do, we will be guided by public interest considerations, and we will exemplify the highest ideals of integrity and accountability that merit the public's confidence and trust.

Leadership: We will contribute leadership within the Federal Reserve System and provide creative ideas in assessing the environment affecting the economy and the financial system and in identifying, researching, and resolving the associated public policy issues.

Service: We will be accessible and responsive to all of our constituents, and our work will be of the highest quality and cost effective.

Community: We will be an active and responsible corporate citizen through participation in appropriate business, academic and community affairs that benefit our District cities and our constituents.

Workplace: We will be an attractive employer, creating a working environment that fosters respect, fairness, openness, innovation, diversity and personal development; we will reward continuing excellence in performance.

Jack Guynn 
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