Partners (Spring 1998)

Waiting Series #1 by Jena Jones
Waiting Series #1 (detail) by Jena Jones, senior sculpture student and Coca-Cola Scholar, The Atlanta College of Art © 1997
The Business of Art at the
Coca-Cola Foundation

T he Coca-Cola Foundation, the philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company, made a $50 million commitment to advance excellence in education in the 1990s. By 1996, it amended that goal for an increased commitment to $100 million by the year 2000.

The Coca-Cola Foundation is driven by the belief that the demands of a fast-approaching new century will require new educational strategies and partnerships. Quality education will be essential for individual success and the Foundation recognizes that serious pursuit of learning takes place in many kinds of classrooms and laboratories, in all countries around the world. To advance quality education, the Foundation focuses on - among other priorities - arts education to support school-based arts programs, which it believes are fundamental to a complete education and cultural understanding.

The Foundation is committed to helping individuals to improve the quality of their lives - to help them dream their own particular dreams and to encourage them to ask the simple questions: "Why?" or "How?" or "Why not?".

The Coca-Cola Foundation has contributed to a wide array of institutions and programs including early childhood education; elementary and secondary schools; public and private colleges and universities; teacher training; arts education and international understanding. The results are being seen today and will be seen tomorrow in the lives and hopes of boys and girls, young men and women of all colors, in many countries, pursuing many different careers.

One of the outstanding arts organizations that The Coca-Cola Foundation supports through its Coca-Cola Scholars program is The Atlanta College of Art. The excellent work of some of its Coca-Cola Scholars is a valuable enhancement to our Spring 1998 newsletter.

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