Partners (Summer 1998)

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Ron Zimmerman

Courtney Dufries

Marie Easley

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Photographs From Nexus Contemporary Art Center's
As Seen By Teens Program are featured
As Seen By Teens is a summer photography program sponsored by Nexus Contemporary Art Center which teaches young people the skills of photojournalism while enhancing their talent and imagination through creative exercises. The program, among the many supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, enrolls fifteen students from Fulton County, Georgia to teach photography and journalism skills while creating an awareness of both self and community. We are pleased to present some of that remarkable work in this newsletter.
Founded in 1973, Nexus Contemporary Art Center's mission is to promote experimentation, excellence, and education in the visual, performing and book arts. Nexus provides access to resources, and support for emerging and established artists on a local, regional, national and international level, and creates opportunities for them to share their work with widely divergent publics. Many thanks to the students for sharing their talents with our readers. For more information on Nexus Contemporary Art Center, call 404/688-1970.

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