Partners (Summer 1999)

Introducing CEDRIC - A New Web Site Service

Consumer and Economic Development Research and Information Center

We are pleased to announce a new website that contains a wealth of information to assist community development professionals. Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, CEDRIC's principal mission is to foster research related to consumer and economic development issues such as consumer and small business financial behavior, access to credit, affordable housing, and community development and reinvestment. CEDRIC's webpage consists of a repository subject listing, a search engine, upcoming events, a collection of recommended links, and links to CEDRIC partners.

The highlight of CEDRIC's webpage is the Repository Subject listings, which include:

Community Economic Development - investment/development, urban stability, empowerment/enterprise zones, rural/agricultural issues, community development centers, and inner city rejuvenation

Consumer Financial Behavior - access to credit, consumer wealth, mortgage delinquencies, mortgage defaults, credit delinquencies, credit defaults, bankruptcy, culture and credit, and income distribution

Housing - mortgage lending, location desires, appraisal process, homeownership patterns, private mortgage insurance, and housing search process

Indian Reservation Development - affordable housing, community investment, legal considerations, access to credit, and banking services

Institutional Behavior - branch banking, credit scoring, fair lending, redlining, affordable/low income housing, profitability and regulations, homeowner insurance, pricing of credit, geographic patterns, financing alternatives, CRA, ECOA & FHA activities, GSE & FHA activities, secondary marker underwriting, and minority-owned institutions

Small Business - entrepreneurship, failures, minority/women issues, lending, financing, and development.

To visit the site, log on to
and select the Community
Development Research
Center link under
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For further information, please contact CEDRIC's coordinator at

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