Partners (Winter 1999)


Information provided on upcoming events of other organizations should be viewed as strictly informational and not as an endorsement of their activities.


November 9 New York, NY
The Third and Final Meeting of the 1999 Community Development Series: Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) For further information about the conference, please contact Keisha Lewis at

November 22-23 Charlotte, SC
First Annual Carolinas IDA Conference - Helping Families Build Assets. Sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. For more information, please contact Dan Tatar at (804) 697-8463.


December 14-15 Seattle, WA
1999 Community Development Venture Capital Alliance Annual Conference. For further information, please contact Judy Burton, CDVCA, at (218) 727-7248 or


February 13-15 Washington, D.C.
Economic Development Summit sponsored by the Council for Urban Economic Development. For more information, please call (202) 223-4735, email CUED at or visit the web site at

February 16-20 San Antonio, TX
The First Annual USASBE/SBIDA Joint National Conference. For submission requirements and instructions, registration information and other details about the first annual USASBE/SBIDA Joint National Conference, visit the following website:

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