Number 2 - Green Primer

Partners in Community and Economic Development
Vol. 19, No. 2, 2009
Street sign with Main St. Green Making the Case: Signs Point to Green
As policymakers come to grips with hard questions about the sustainability of our current approaches to development, new strategies appear inevitable. The interests of businesses, governments, builders, consumers and financial institutions are converging to make green development part of the mainstream agenda.
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Image of a house being built A New Approach to Development
Green development is not an all-or-nothing concept. Developers can use a range of strategies to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods and limit negative environmental impacts. This article provides an introduction to green building standards.
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The Bottom Line on Green
Is green building cost-effective? This question isn't easy to answer, but current research dispels some popular misconceptions about the cost of environmentally sound development. It suggests that long-term benefits outweigh slightly higher initial inputs for construction and design.
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Early Steps toward Green Finance
Green finance is still in its infancy, but some innovative financial institutions are developing an arsenal of green products and practices that are being supported by government incentives for resource efficiency in development.
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The Greening of Affordable HousingPDF logo
Bringing the benefits of green building to families of all income levels is a challenge that several affordable housing developers are overcoming through unique partnerships and sophisticated financing.

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