Resources for Current Issues in Economic and Community Development

Resources for Current Issues in Economic and Community Development

Housing, Neighborhood Stabilization, and Foreclosure

The American Mortgage System: Crisis and Reform
Susan M. Wachter (University of Pennsylvania) and Marvin M. Smith (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), editors
July 2011
This book focuses on the causes of the housing market collapse and proposes solutions to prevent another rash of foreclosures.

The State of the Nation's Housing 2011
June 2011
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
The State of the Nation's Housing provides a periodic assessment of the nation's outlook and summarizes important trends in the economics and demographics of housing. The report continues to earn national recognition as an authoritative source of information used by housing researchers, industry analysts, policy makers, and the business community.

Alternative Financing and Intermediaries

Smart Subsidy for Community Development
July 2011
A joint publication by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and the Aspen Institute
This publication explores the history and current use of subsidy in community development and how public incentives are being used to promote investments in lower-income communities and economic opportunity for lower-income individuals and families.

Community Development Financial Institutions: A Study on Growth and Sustainability
June 2011
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation
This report features input from the leaders of more than a dozen local, regional, and national CDFIs working in the Southeast. It also considers the Aspen Institute's formative study on sustainability in the context of both today's resource marketplace and issues related to the South.