Resources for Current Issues in Economic and Community Development

Resources for Current Issues in Economic and Community Development

Small Business and Entrepreneurship

2011 Colorado Lender Summit (video of presentations)
The Kansas City Fed conducted a summit at its Denver Branch on July 7, 2011. Expert speakers provided information and updates on federal and state programs, user-friendly tools to assist with lending, and funding sources and regulatory issues in today's lending environment.

Housing, Neighborhood Stabilization, and Foreclosure

Reports for Resources for Stabilizing Communities (video reports)
August 24, 2011
Community Development staff of the Federal Reserve highlight promising neighborhood stabilization work from three cities: Cleveland, Phoenix, and Detroit.

Cleveland: Data-driven decision making
Phoenix: Suburban sustainability
Detroit: Community engagement

Job Creation and Workforce Development

Neighborhoods and Labor Markets: Comprehensive Community Development in the Metropolitan Context (videos of conference)
On June 16, 2011, the Chicago Fed held a conference on neighborhoods and labor markets. The panelists discussed the disappearance of work for lower-income and predominantly minority neighborhoods in U.S. cities. The national panel was moderated by Carol Coletta, president of CEOs for Cities, and included:

  • Mark Elliott, president, Mobility
  • Jane Oates, assistant secretary for employment and training, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Juan Salgado, president and CEO, Instituto del Progreso Latino
  • Bob Giloth, vice president, The Center for Family Economic Success and Community Change
Alternative Financing and Intermediaries

Could Restrictions on Payday Lending Hurt Consumers? (video from presentation)

The Kansas City Fed hosted a research seminar May 24, 2011, on the potential effects of payday lending restrictions. The seminar highlighted Community Affairs senior economist Kelly Edmiston's recent research, "Could Restrictions on Payday Lending Hurt Consumers?" It provides new empirical evidence on the potential benefits and costs to consumers.

To see Edmiston's presentation slides, click here.

Other Topics

"Early, Broadly, and Through Young Adulthood: A Child Development Perspective on Youth Personal Financial Education"
Richard M. Todd, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
September 2011

Todd's research suggests that educators should use findings in psychology and behavioral economics to enhance youth personal financial instruction, taking a broad perspective on where and how personal finance is taught and learned. The research also supports the thrust of Minnesota's proposed new social studies standards, which call for personal finance lessons from the early grades through high school.

Recognizing Risk in Global Agriculture (papers and presentations)
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

The 2011 Agricultural Symposium (July 19-20, 2011) brought together banking and business leaders, government officials, and academics to explore the risks to agricultural profits in the 21st century. Leading agricultural experts discussed how agriculture will balance global food consumption and production and overhaul renewable energy markets. They also examined agriculture's ability to weather unexpected downturns and use risk management strategies in volatile markets.

Resources from recent community development conferences, forums, workshops, and webinars
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

General community development issues

College Students and Identity Theft, Part 1
An Online-Only Webinar from the Minnesota Jump$tart Coalition and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (February 15, 2011); Part 2 (April 14, 2011)

Connecting to Markets Series: Part 1 of 3
Neighborhoods and Labor Markets: Exploring Low-Income Neighborhoods in the Regional Context (video) (June 20, 2011)

Community development in Indian Country

Growing Economies in Indian Country: Taking Stock of Progress and Partnerships
August 30, 2011 (presentations)

Federal Programs and Partnerships in Indian Country: A Resource Workshop
August 31, 2011 (presentations)