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March/April 2011


The Relationship of Health Care and Econ Development

The Role of the Heath Care Sector in Jobs: Podcasts

New Provisions of the Small Business Jobs Act

CFPB Website Launches

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Updated April 11, 2011
healthcare Rethinking the Relationship of Health Care and Economic Development
4/11/2011 - Who will pay for health care? How should it be delivered? Even though these topics arouse considerable national debate, nearly all economic developers agree on one important point: health care creates jobs.
Photo of a doctor The Important and Evolving Role of the Health Care Sector in Job Creation and Workforce Development
4/11/2011 - Health care affects a community in many ways, including the productivity of its work force, the rising costs of insurance, and the growing need for health care professionals. Four industry experts share their perspectives on the increasing importance of health care to economic and community development.
Photo of hands shaking New Provisions of the Small Business Jobs Act
4/11/2011 - The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 has made billions of dollars available in lending support for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Deadlines for submitting applications are fast approaching.
Photo of a laptop computer Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Website Launches
4/11/2011 - The new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just launched its website, and is inviting consumers and financial services providers to give feedback.