4 Steps to Your Financial Freedom

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4 Steps to Your Financial Freedom

Set your financial goals

Setting financial goals will help you plan for the future, short and long term. Develop a spending plan to help you get on track.

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Pay your debts wisely

Set a goal to pay off debts in a way you feel is most manageable. Credit can be a useful tool if used wisely, but mismanaging credit can get you off track quickly.

Federal Trade Commission
American Bankers Association

Remember to pay yourself

Your financial plan should include savings as part of your short- and long-term goals. Whether for retirement, buying a new home, or just for a rainy day, saving is an important part of achieving financial freedom.

Securities and Exchange Commission
Certified Financial Planner Board

Stick to your plan

Remember that you are not alone. If you are unable to follow your plan, talk to a professional financial planner or credit counselor.

National Foundation for Consumer Credit
www.nfcc.org or 800-325-NWKS
Consumer Credit Counseling Services
www.cccsatl.org or 800-251-CCCS

Contact Consumer Affairs at 404-589-7239