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Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity (CWEO)

Our center focuses on employment policies and labor market issues that affect low- and moderate-income individuals. It acts as a bridge between research and practice, connecting researchers, businesses, and policymakers with innovative approaches to creating economic opportunity through education and employment. The center also contributes to economic research and monetary policy discussions by tracking labor market trends affecting low- and moderate-income workers.
Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity's Opportunity Occupations Monitor

Opportunity Occupations Monitor

The tool displays estimates of opportunity employment, good-paying jobs that don’t require a bachelor's degree in states and metro areas.

Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity Tool: Unemployment Claims Monitor

Unemployment Claims Monitor

The Atlanta Fed's Unemployment Claims Monitor tracks initial and continued claims for unemployment insurance—and claimant demographics—for each state and nationally.

Financial Innovations Roundtable: Investing in Workforce Development Is Investing in People

Investing in Workforce Development Is Investing in People video

Finance is about how to invest in things, how to build infrastructure, how to make things happen with growth capital.

Investing in America's Workforce

Investing in America's Workforce video

How can well-structured and effective workforce programs and policies result in better economic outcomes for individuals, businesses, and communities?

Labor Report First Look

The tool provides a snapshot of current and historical employment data and will be updated on a monthly basis.