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Bechtler $5 Gold Coin

Move your cursor over the coin or tap it on your screen to see the reverse side.
Bechtler $5 Gold Coin front
Bechtler $5 Gold Coin back
  • Christopher Bechtler, along with his son August and his nephew Christopher, ran a private mint in Rutherford, North Carolina. Rutherford was a primary source of American gold from 1790 to 1840.
  • In 1832, the Bechtlers produced the first gold one-dollar coin in the United States.
  • The Bechtlers produced three denominations of coins: $1, $2.50, and $5.
  • In 1834, the weight of the $5 gold coin changed. The Treasury Secretary ordered that the lighter coins be marked with the date August 1, 1834.