The Fed Branches Out

The Fed isn't made up of only the 12 regional Reserve Banks—it also operates branch locations across the country. This quiz asks you questions about people and events from the years some of the branches were established.

1. Martin Behrman, who was mayor of New Orleans when the Atlanta Fed's branch opened there in 1915, holds what distinction in that city's storied political history?
He was the oldest person to serve as mayor of New Orleans.
He was the city's longest-serving mayor.
He was the city's first foreign-born mayor.
2. The Baltimore Branch of the Richmond Fed opened in 1918, in the midst of what public health crisis?
Scarlet fever
3. True or false: Meredith Snyder, who was mayor of Los Angeles when the branch there opened in 1920, was once arrested for exceeding downtown LA's 12 mph speed limit.
4. The Pittsburgh Branch of the Cleveland Fed opened in 1918, the same year that the Pittsburgh Agreement was signed. What did the Pittsburgh Agreement do?
Set limits on coal production to stabilize prices, which had been fluctuating wildly
Established the framework for the creation of Czechoslovakia following the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire after World War I
Prescribed limits on European immigration following the armistice that ended World War I
5. True or false: When the Helena Branch of the Minneapolis Fed opened in 1921, it had the smallest population of any Branch city in the Federal Reserve System.
6. When the Birmingham Branch of the Atlanta Fed opened in 1918, it was housed in a building that had been used for what earlier purpose?
A Confederate prison
Registration of draftees during World War I
A pre-Civil War plantation owner’s residence
7. Hiram Gill, who was Seattle’s mayor when the Seattle Branch of the San Francisco Fed opened in 1917, holds what distinction in the city?
He spearheaded ferry service to Canada.
He oversaw the establishment of the famed Pike's Place Market.
He was the city's first mayor to face a recall election.
8. True or false: When the Detroit Branch of the Chicago Fed opened in 1918, that city installed the nation's first four-way red/yellow/green electric traffic light the same year.
9. In 1918, what ended the third term of Denver Mayor Robert Speer, who was mayor of the city when the Denver Branch of the Kansas City Fed opened that year?
He lost a recall election.
He resigned to run for governor.
He died during the influenza epidemic.
10. The Atlanta Fed's Nashville Branch opened in 1919, the same year this person, later known as the "Queen of Country Music," was born.
Patsy Cline
Kitty Wells
Tammy Wynette
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