The Fed and Black History Month

African Americans have occupied numerous important roles within the Federal Reserve System and the Atlanta Fed, and they had notable careers before joining the central bank. During Black History Month, we want to test your knowledge about some of these individuals and their history.

1. This man was the Fed's first African American vice chair as well as the first African American board member of Alphabet, Google's parent corporation.
Alan S. Blinder
Roger W. Ferguson Jr.
Manuel H. Johnson
2. True or false: Andrew F. Brimmer, the Federal Reserve's first African American governor, played a role in helping the nation of Sudan establish its central bank.
3. Before cofounding a successful chain of automotive dealerships, this woman was an assistant attorney general for the state of Georgia, and she became the first African American woman on the Atlanta Fed's board of directors.
Karen Duckett
Juanita Baranco
Sarah Breedlove
4. This real estate developer, who became the first African American member of the Atlanta Fed's board of directors, sold gasoline at cost from his Esso gas station to lend support to African American car owners during Baton Rouge’s 1953 bus boycott.
Jesse Webb
Horatio Thompson
John Christian
5. This first African American chair of the Atlanta Fed's board of directors once worked at Kennedy Space Center on the Apollo space missions.
Remer C. Prince
Hugh M. Brown
Leon Moss
6. This man, the second African American member of the Fed's Board of Governors, served in WWII as one of the famed Tuskegee Airmen.
Herbert Carter
Charles McGee
Emmett J. Rice
7. Louis J. Willie, the first African American member of the Birmingham Branch's board of directors, played the central role in defusing tensions surrounding a racial clash in what 1990 sporting event?
The SEC football championship
The PGA championship
The Super Bowl
8. Kaaren Johnson-Street, the first African American woman on the Miami Branch's board of directors, once oversaw diversity efforts for which national restaurant chain?
Burger King
Jack in the Box
9. True or false: Lucimarian Roberts, the first African American woman on the board of directors of the New Orleans Branch of the Atlanta Fed, is the mother of Good Morning America cohost Robin Roberts.
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