Feed Your Head: A Quiz about Agriculture

Long a bulwark of the southeastern economy, agriculture remains an important part of the region’s economic composition. Economy Matters recently featured an extensive look at how agriculture has evolved, and we want to feature some facts from our series.

1. Compared to 2006 levels, worldwide food demand is expected to grow by what share by 2050?
20 percent
40 percent
60 percent
2. The average American ate 37 pounds of chicken per year in 1965. How many pounds of chicken did the average American consume in 2016?
51 pounds
73 pounds
92 pounds
3. Which agricultural category has the biggest economic impact in the Southeast?
Cattle and calves
Poultry and eggs
4. Forty years ago, it took a broiler 10 weeks to reach a four-pound market weight. How long does a broiler take to reach a market weight of five pounds today?
Five weeks
Seven weeks
Nine weeks
5. In 1945, there were about 1.14 million farms in the Southeast. How many were there in 2012?
6. U.S. organic farms sold $5.5 billion in organic products in 2014. This growth represents what rate of increase over 2008 levels?
53 percent
72 percent
89 percent
7. The four top producers of organic food are in four states: California, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. Together, they accounted for what share of organic food production in 2014?
51 percent
64 percent
78 percent
8. True or false: Nearly half of U.S. farms market their food locally.
9.Of all U.S. local-food farms, what percentage of them are considered small (annual gross revenues under $75,000)?
35 percent
55 percent
85 percent
10. In 1920, 55 percent of southerners lived on farms. What percentage lived on farms in 2014?
0.82 percent
11 percent
19 percent
Your score is: