Diving into Southeastern Ports

In our globally interconnected economy, ports occupy a central role. Economy Matters recently published a look at some of the Southeast’s most important ports. Here's a quick quiz where you can test your knowledge of some of them

1. True or false: During the Port of Mobile's history, the flags of four countries—Britain, Spain, France, and the United States—have flown over it.
2. What share of grain produced in the United States moves through the Port of New Orleans?
20 percent
40 percent
60 percent
3. The Port of Brunswick is the nation’s top port for importing which product?
Computer equipment
4. Which port does Disney use to import most of the merchandise headed for its central Florida theme parks?
The Port of Jacksonville
The Port of Fort Lauderdale
The Port of Tampa
5. The Port of Mobile is connected to what body of water by 1,500 miles of inland waterways?
Lake Minnetonka
The Great Lakes
Lake Mead
6. True or false: Port Everglades is contiguous to the Everglades National Park.
7. The Port of Miami is the world’s top port for cruise passenger traffic. Which southeastern port is the world’s second-busiest for cruise passengers?
Port of New Orleans
Port Everglades
Port of Savannah
8. The Port of New Orleans is the nation's top handler of which beverage ingredient?
Coffee beans
Cola nuts
Tea leaves
9.The Port of Tampa played a key role in which American war?
The Civil War
The Spanish-American War
The War of 1812
10. The Port of Savannah exports nearly 40 percent of which U.S.-produced food product?
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