Get Schooled

In the Southeast at this time of year, college football takes center stage. Though college sports are big business, so is college itself. We want to test your knowledge of some facts about the nonathletic side of higher education. (This quiz is not timed and you may use your books.)

1. Established in 1636, Harvard University is the nation's oldest university. Which school is second oldest?
Princeton University
The College of William and Mary
Sarah Lawrence College
2. What did a year's tuition at Harvard University cost in 1870?
3. What was the first chartered public university in the United States?
The University of Virginia
The University of Georgia
The University of Massachusetts
4. What public university was the first to graduate students?
The University of Georgia
The University of North Carolina
The University of Virginia
5. In 1970, 52 percent of high school graduates enrolled in college. What percentage of high school graduates enrolled in college in 2016?
59.7 percent
69.7 percent
79.7 percent
6. What school is the oldest university west of the Mississippi River?
The University of Texas
Saint Louis University
The University of Minnesota
7. Among U.S. schools, Harvard University faculty members have won the most Nobel Prizes. Which public school's faculty have won the most Nobel Prizes?
The University of Wisconsin
The University of California-Berkeley
The University of California-Los Angeles
8. Which university has the nation's largest student body?
The University of Michigan
Texas A&M University
The University of Central Florida
9. Which school has the country's largest contiguous campus?
Berry College (Rome, Georgia)
U.S. Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Stanford University (Palo Alto, California)
10. What school can claim the most U.S. presidents as alumni?
Yale University
Harvard University
United States Military Academy