Keeping It Real (Estate)

Whether it's a small retailer, superstore, hospital, apartment building, or office building, commercial real estate comes in many forms. Take this quiz to test your knowledge.

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1. Which state is home to the country's oldest enclosed shopping mall?
New York
2. Which city is home to the nation's largest building in terms of floor space?
New York
Washington, DC
Las Vegas
3. True or false: In terms of leasable space, the Mall of America in Minnesota is the country's largest shopping mall.
4. Which U.S. city has the world's highest retail rent?
San Francisco
New York
5. New York Presbyterian Hospital is the nation's largest hospital, with 2,272 beds. Which is the largest hospital in the Southeast?
Willis-Knighton Medical Center in Shreveport
Florida Hospital in Orlando
North Shore Medical Center in Miami
6. Having opened in 1673, White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island is the oldest operating U.S. restaurant. Which restaurant is the Southeast's oldest?
Antoines Restaurant in New Orleans
Columbia Restaurant in Tampa
The Plaza Restaurant and Oyster Bar in Atlanta
7. Which retailer has the world's highest retail sales per square foot?
8. True or false: Macy's location in New York City's Herald Square is the largest retail store in the United States.
9. The United States has the most square feet of retail space per person of any country in the world. Canada is second globally with 16.4 square feet of retail space per person, and Australia is third with 11.1. How many square feet of retail space per person does the United States have?
10. True or false: In total volume, the Boeing Everett Factory in Everett, Washington, is the largest building in the world.