Atlanta Fed History's Mysteries

Years ago, the distinguished Atlanta historian Franklin Garrett wrote a history of the Atlanta Fed that was unpublished for decades. The quiz asks you about some information in Garrett's History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which is now available online.

Read more: A History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

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1. When Atlanta's leaders were advocating for a regional Reserve Bank headquarters in 1914, what was the city's population?
2. Opened in 1915, the New Orleans Branch was the Federal Reserve System's first branch location. Which factor played a role in its establishment?
New Orleans's commercial importance
New Orleans's distance from Atlanta
Both of the above
3. The Atlanta Fed opened an agency in which Georgia coastal city in 1919 because of that city's importance to southeastern importing and exporting?
Sea Island
4. The 1.5-ton cast bronze eagle that sits on a pedestal in front of the Atlanta Fed was cast in which city?
Birmingham, Alabama
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Rome, Italy
5. The Atlanta Fed established an agency in what foreign country in 1923?
6. The Atlanta Fed, like other regional Reserve Banks, experienced a shortage of what in the early 1960s?
7. Which infrastructure innovation did the Atlanta Fed headquarters building begin adopting in 1937?
A sprinkler system
Smoke alarms
Air conditioning
8. The Atlanta Fed first hired what type of employee in 1938?
An economist
A bank examiner
A law enforcement officer
9. What asset did the Atlanta Fed—along with all the other Reserve Banks—transfer to the U.S. Treasury in 1934?
Treasury bonds
10. In 1918, Congress authorized the Federal Reserve to issue the largest U.S. bill ever in general circulation. What was the bill's denomination?