How We Pay

The way we spend money—how we pay bills, make purchases, or send money to each other—has changed significantly in recent years. This quiz looks at findings from the Federal Reserve's latest payments study and asks about the changes it found in our purchasing patterns.

Read more: The 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study.

1. Which type of general-purpose card payment was used more frequently in 2018: in-person transactions or remote transactions?
2. True or false: After years of decline, the number of check payments held roughly stable from 2015 to 2018.
3. What was the average value of a card purchase in 2018?
4. What was the biggest source of remote general-purpose card payments in 2018?
Recurring (such as bill pay) and installment payments
Mail and telephone order
5. The average value of a check payment was $1,378 in 2012. What was the average value of a check payment in 2018?
6. There were nearly 6 billion ATM cash withdrawals in 2012. How many cash withdrawals were made from ATMs in 2018?
5.1 billion
6.1 billion
7.1 billion
7. True or false: In 2018, people used debit cards twice as often as they used credit cards.
8. In 2015, 135 million in-person general-purpose card payments used chip-and-PIN technology. How many in-person card payments used both chips and PINs in 2018?
150 million
1 billion
Almost 18 billion
9. By number, card payments made up 75.3 percent of all noncash payments in 2018. What share of noncash payments' value did cards make that year?
7.3 percent
47.3 percent
67.3 percent