• illustration of a woman holding up her hands with a question mark above her head, surrounded by stacks of coins, a bill, gifts, a piggy bank, and credit cards
    Learn about strategies for making decisions during the holiday season.
  • photo illustration of a series of short white ladders against a wall with one taller red ladder among them
    Learn about creative solutions and challenges to career pathway advancement in Maximum Employment Matters.
  • photograph of a customer handing a payment card to a smiling merchant at a cafe or juice bar
    Improve your financial and credit smarts with these helpful tips.
  • two women giving each other a high five over a cubicle divider
    Take charge of your career self-improvement with these helpful tips.
  • a woman in the foreground standing at the threshold of a cycling shop
    Ignite your entrepreneurial flame! Learn about starting a business.
  • illustration of a set of scales with a hand placing a stack of coins on one side and a tropical island with a plane on the other side
    Explore ways to ensure and celebrate your financial independence this summer.


illustration of two people with oversized magnifying glasses, in chaotic wind of charts on paper

Our series of rich and detailed infographics for use in the classroom. You can request print copies using our online order form.

Maximum Employment Matters

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Our new webinar series examines industries that drive the southeastern economy and employment opportunities in each field.

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Atlanta Fed's Teacher Workshops

Our professional development programs are designed to enhance classroom instruction of the Federal Reserve System, economics, personal finance, and related topics.