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arts and economics infographic
Arts & Economics | 2/4/2015
Highlights the vital role the arts play in our economy using key economic concepts like gross domestic product and employment. Incorporating data from a variety of primary sources, this infographic strives to capture the economic relevance of the arts in American society.
Budgeting infographic
Budgeting | 8/4/2016
Illustrates the difference between sources of income and fixed versus variable expenses through a simple budget plan.
human capital infographic
Developing Human Capital | 9/3/2014
Helps students see clearly the strong connection between education level and subsequent earning potential.
economic systems infographic
Economic Systems: How Do Countries Organize Economic Activity? | 7/15/2015
Helps students discover the three basic economic questions and how each system answers these questions, identify several key advantages and disadvantages for each economic system, recognize some economic indicators that can measure performance on broad social economic goals, and see how specific countries rank on a measure of economic freedom.
The Fed Explained infographic
The Fed Explained (accompanying infographic) | 2/10/2015
Accompanies The Fed Explained video that explains what the Federal Reserve really does and why it focuses on certain aspects of the U.S. economy.
Fiscal and Monetary Policy infographic
Fiscal and Monetary Policy | 8/4/2016
Defines fiscal and monetary policy and highlights their key differences.
GDP infographic
GDP | 8/4/2016
Highlights the basics about GDP.
Maximum Employment | 5/26/2017
Highlights the goal of maximum employment and features labor market measures and terminology.
preparing for financial disasters infographic
Preparing for Financial Disasters | 6/4/2015
Identifies the steps students need to take when developing their own plans for being financially prepared for emergencies.
Saving and Investing infographic
Saving and Investing | 8/4/2016
Explains the Rule of 72 with examples of compound interest and its power to help grow their money.
supply & demand infographic
Supply & Demand | 7/15/2015
Highlights basic concepts such as the law of supply and demand, changes in demand and supply versus changes in the quantity demanded and the quantity supplied, the determinants of demand and supply, and market equilibrium.
trade infographic
Trade | 7/15/2015
Basics from key terminology to why we trade are featured alongside introductions to foundational concepts such as production possibilities frontiers, absolute and comparative advantage, trade barriers, and free trade versus protectionism.
where do you bank? infographic
Where Do You Bank? | 6/4/2015
Introduces students to the factors they should consider when they choose banking services.
why good credit is important infographic
Why Good Credit Is Important | 6/4/2015
Introduces students to the relationships among credit history, credit report, and credit score.