Information Resources

These Web sites contain data or statistics related to personal finance:
bullet image Bankruptcy filings (Source: ABI World)
bullet image National savings rate (Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis; Scroll down to Personal Saving spreadsheet.)
bullet image Consumer credit (Source: Federal Reserve Board of Governors)
bullet image Financial Literacy: An Overview of Practice, Research, and Policy (Source: Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

These Web sites describe financial literacy programs available nationwide:
bullet image Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service
bullet image Financial Literacy 2010
bullet image The Foundation for Teaching Economics
bullet image The Mint (Source: Nortwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company)
bullet image National Endowment for Financial Education
bullet image NEFE High School Program
bullet image National Summit on Economic and Financial Literacy (Source: National Council on Economic Education)
bullet image PBS: On the Money Series

Other sites with bankruptcy and credit information:
(Source: Watch the Web)
bullet image Key links
bullet image Pending legislation
bullet image Rules and regulations

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