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Fall 2008


Special Topic: New tools for entering lesson plan contest

Special Topic: Katrina's Classroom lesson plan updates

Special Topic: New exhibits at Fed's Jacksonville Branch museum

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Photo of a teacher holding an apple Special Topics
New tools make it easier to enter the Fed's Lesson Plan of the Year contest
Develop a lesson plan using Federal Reserve materials and enter to win. A new instructional slideshow and lesson plan template help you get started.
Photo of flooded houses Katrina's Classroom features updated lesson plans
The lesson plans for the Atlanta Fed's DVD-based financial preparedness curriculum have been updated with references to revised national standards and new evaluation quizzes.
Photo of a section of the $100,000 bill 100,000 reasons to visit the Atlanta Fed's Jacksonville Branch museum
New museum exhibits at the Fed's Jacksonville office can provide students with lessons about money, payments, and the Federal Reserve and its duties.
Photo of Wall Street floor Economically Speaking
Striving for stability: Federal Reserve actions address financial turmoil
Fostering a stable economy and financial system is an important part of the Federal Reserve's mission. During the recent financial market turbulence, the Fed and other agencies have taken several actions to help mitigate systemic risk.
Photo of a man in front of a movie projector Money Talks
The role of entrepreneurism in the economy
Besides introducing new or improved products and services, entrepreneurs can affect the economy by stimulating growth in businesses beyond their own.