Spring 2006

Spring 2006
Special Topic: Fed Chair Ben Bernanke
Special Topic:
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Special Topics
A new era begins at the Federal Reserve: Bernanke named Fed chairman
Ben S. Bernanke is the new chairman of the Federal Reserve. Help your students get to know the man who will oversee the nation’s monetary policymaking body.
Planning for a disaster: Getting one's house in order
When calamity strikes, being prepared can literally be a matter of life and death. Young and old alike can cushion the blow of the unexpected by having their affairs in order.

Economically Speaking
Monetary policy starts in your own backyard
How does the Fed gather the information used to formulate monetary policy? Besides examining statistical data, Federal Reserve Banks use grassroots sources—businesspeople perhaps from your own area—to inform the decision-making process.

Money Talks
Securing your (and your students') financial future
Understanding concepts such as saving, investing, interest, and credit allows today's young people to become tomorrow's financially responsible adults.