Special Topic: New Exhibits at the Fed's Miami Branch Museum

Special Topic

New reasons to visit the Fed's Miami Branch museum

Photo of cash bus in museum

Touring the monetary museum at the Atlanta Fed's Miami Branch provides your students with interactive lessons about money and the Federal Reserve and its duties: monetary policy, banking regulation and supervision, and payment services.

On Oct. 1, 2009, several new museum exhibits officially debuted at the Miami Branch. One of these new exhibits explains the Federal Reserve's role as a banking regulator and its outreach to Latin America and the Caribbean. An interactive, touch-screen educational game introduces students to the bank lending process.

An exhibit on currency, coins, gold, and silver traces the evolution of various forms of money. On display is a "cash bus," typically used to transport large amounts of currency through the branch's cash processing areas, that contains more than $2.5 million in cash. Another display teaches visitors how to spot counterfeit currency.

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Miami Branch tour request form

A timeline highlights key events in the history of the Federal Reserve System and the city of Miami. A pocket theater accommodates tour groups and teacher workshops. In this area, visitors can watch a film that explains the Fed's role in monetary policy.

Tours of the Miami Branch include the museum as well as views of the cash-processing facility, where high-speed machines count and sort millions of dollars of cash daily and shred unfit currency.

Free tours are weekdays at 10 a.m. by appointment only. Check the tour request form for more information or to request a tour.

November 9, 2009