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Special Topic

Atlanta Fed launches Extra Credit, an online newsletter for educators

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Extra Credit, an online newsletter for educators and education partners throughout the Southeast. Scheduled for release in the fall and spring, the newsletter will bring you timely articles, lesson plans, ideas, and information on economic and personal finance topics that you can use to enrich your students’ learning.

Each issue of Extra Credit will feature

  • Special Topic, an article focusing on a subject that is timely or of particular interest, such as this article introducing the newsletter;
  • Economically Speaking, an article on economic and financial education; in this edition, see the article on the Federal Reserve’s partnership with USA TODAY;
  • Financial Education Matters, an article on personal finance topics; in this edition, see the article on budgeting;
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    Comments and feedback

    Lessons & Activities, classroom lessons or suggested activities to accompany lead articles;
  • Share the Wealth, an idea-sharing corner highlighting best practices or offering successful teaching tips;
  • What’s Ahead, a preview of the newsletter’s next issue;
  • Calendar of Events, a listing of teacher workshops or other events offered by the Fed or in partnership with other organizations across the Southeast as well as nationally;
  • FAQs, answers to questions about economics and the Federal Reserve, with new questions added to each edition; and
  • FederalReserveEducation.org, a link to the Federal Reserve’s education Web site, the source for all your questions concerning the Fed and monetary policy.

The launch of Extra Credit is part of a more comprehensive economic and financial education plan for the Southeast, begun earlier this year by the Atlanta Fed, to enhance outreach programs to teachers and students.

We welcome your comments and feedback. Please let us know what you like or ways we can improve the newsletter.

By Jess Palazzolo, public information director, Atlanta Fed