Extra Credit (Fall 2007)

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Katrina's Classroom transcript in Spanish

Hurricane Katrina en españolGood news for teachers who are teaching English as a second language (ESL): The Atlanta Fed's new personal finance curriculum package, Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane, now contains a new component—a Spanish-language version of the DVD's transcript.

The Spanish transcript should make the economic and financial lessons in the DVD accessible to students whose native language is Spanish and who are still learning English. The transcript should also be useful to students who are studying Spanish and could benefit from reading translated text.

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Launched in the spring of 2007 to educators around the Southeast, Katrina's Classroom DVD-based curriculum presents stories of real families affected by the devastating Gulf Coast storm of 2005 and offers important lessons about being financially prepared for an emergency.

The DVD, the English and Spanish transcripts, and the accompanying lesson plans can be downloaded from the Atlanta Fed's Web site. Or educators can order one free copy of the DVD/CD combination that includes all these materials.

By Jess Palazzolo, Public Information Director, Atlanta