Extra Credit (Fall 2007)


Editorial Director
Jess Palazzolo

Managing Editor
Gail Psilos, New Orleans Branch

Sarah E. Dougherty
Julie L. Kornegay, Birmingham Branch
Sarah Arteaga, Jacksonville Branch
Sara Messina, Jacksonville Branch
Lon Lazzeri, Miami Branch
Alan Melchior, Miami Branch
Jackie Morgan, Nashville Branch
Claire A. Loup, New Orleans Branch
Jennifer M. Staley, New Orleans Branch

Copy Editors
Lynn H. Foley
Tom Heintjes

Peter Hamilton
Darryl Kennedy

Charles Davidson

Production Manager
Vanessa Floccari

Web Systems Manager
Leslie Williams

Editorial Board
Bobbie McCrackin, V.P. and Public Affairs Officer, Public Affairs
Pierce Nelson, A.V.P. and Public Information Officer, Public Affairs
Jess Palazzolo, Public Information Director
Gail Psilos, Public Information Manager, New Orleans Branch

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