Extra Credit (Fall 2008)

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Katrina's Classroom features updated lesson plans

photo of Katrina's Classroom publication

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Download or order Katrina's Classroom
Even if you've already used Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane in your own classroom, it's time to take a second look.

The lesson plans for Katrina's Classroom, the Atlanta Fed's DVD-based curriculum on financial preparedness that debuted in the spring of 2007, have been updated. A table at the beginning of each lesson plan shows how the content aligns with recently revised Jump$tart national standards and benchmarks. The lesson plans also include new quizzes (with answer keys) to help assess what students have learned. Auxiliary material features a new matrix that shows all the Jump$tart standards and their correlation with the lesson plans.

This free curriculum package, designed for middle and high school students, focuses on financial responsibilities such as budgeting, banking, saving, and using credit wisely.

The videos, an English/Spanish transcript, and the updated lesson plans are available now to download. Updated DVD/CD sets will be available to order in late November 2008.