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The importance of financial literacy

Share the Wealth: Teaching about mortgages

Structural unemployment

New online courses

New rules for debit and credit cards

Fall workshops at the Fed

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At town hall meeting, Bernanke stresses teachers' important role
11/18/10–Before a live and video audience of teachers across the nation, the Federal Reserve chairman answered questions on topics ranging from how households can balance spending and saving to the most important lesson young people can take away from the recent financial crisis.
The importance of financial literacy
11/18/10–Recent Atlanta Fed research shows that financial literacy—and especially math ability—has a measurable impact on consumers' mortgage repayment behavior.
Share the Wealth: Teaching about mortgages as part of economics and personal finance curriculums
11/18/10–Real teachers provide ideas for resources to teach students about mortgages, including hands-on exercises for practicing mortgage-related calculations and applying for loans.
Is structural unemployment on the rise?
10/15/10–Does the continued lag in the U.S. jobs recovery stem from long-term changes in the economy's structure? This article reviews some evidence from the ongoing debate.
New online courses offer interactive, monitored learning
10/15/10–The St. Louis Fed recently debuted interactive online economic and finance courses that allow teachers to monitor students' progress and assess their content mastery. A new podcast series helps teachers introduce concepts.
Need to know: New regulations for your debit and credit cards
9/08/10–How much do your students really know about paying with plastic? This primer on using debit and credit cards includes important information on the new regulations affecting these popular forms of payment.
piggy bank under water Spend your fall with us at the Fed
9/08/10–Workshops this fall at the Atlanta Fed's main and branch offices feature a Q&A for teachers with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and a program focusing on the Southeast's economic status at the crossroads of the economic crisis.
photo of calendar pages Getting Extra Credit even more often
9/08/10–Want more good ideas for the classroom? Extra Credit articles will now be published six times a year.
photo new DET members Meet the newest DET members
9/08/10–Members of the Atlanta Fed's district education team (DET) are on the front lines of presenting Federal Reserve workshops and programs to teachers in the Southeast. Meet our new economic education specialists in Miami and Jacksonville.