Extra Credit (Spring 2006)

Disaster preparedness list

Address book containing a list of family members and business contacts
Bank information containing account numbers, the last statement, and the bank’s address and phone number
Calls to family members, designating two contacts to communicate family plans
Cash to last at least one week
Cell phones with a full charge, a list of phone numbers, a charger, and the ability to send text messages
Communication lists such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers
Documents in a waterproof and fireproof container, including insurance papers, tax records, birth certificates, marriage licenses, Social Security cards, passports, children’s school records, and children’s immunization records
Elderly people’s concerns, including a determination of how they can travel, their medication regimen, a list of their doctors, and their insurance information
Family photos and important personal belongings
List of bills including account numbers, addresses, and phone numbers
List of credit cards with account numbers, addresses, and phone numbers
Medication (a month’s worth)
Pets’ accommodations
Prescriptions including contact lenses, glasses, and medical devices
Temporary location identified and communicated to all

Videotape or photograph of each room of the house and the assets the rooms contain

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