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Special Topic: Fed Chair Ben Bernanke
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Share the Wealth


All teachers search for exciting activities to capture the interest of students suffering from spring fever. Why not have a financial Friday?

A timely topic for study
With consumer debt rising and the level of savings falling, it’s prime time to educate students on financial matters. The Federal Reserve offers free, high-quality materials to educators through its national economic and financial education Web site. Teachers can order classroom materials ranging from comic books to activity workbooks.

Publications such as Building Wealth help students create a budget. Money Connection has activities that send students on a scavenger hunt to the bank in search of loan applications, deposit slips, and counter checks. Money Connection also contains a lesson that has students track and graph price fluctuations at the grocery store.

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Developing relevance
All of these activities have real-world applications. Parents and teachers have an opportunity to discuss their own experiences and help students make educated choices. Integrating concepts such as income, spending, borrowing, and savings into weekly lessons, whether in an entire class period or a block of 15 minutes, can be fun and have lasting results in the future. Why not start your financial Fridays this week?

By Julie Kornegay, economic and financial education representative, Birmingham Branch