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Share the Wealth

Federal Reserve tours allow teachers to share the wealth with students

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Bank tours

Interested in providing your students with a unique learning experience that will help them understand the Federal Reserve? A tour of a Federal Reserve Bank could be the perfect opportunity for your class!

Touring a Federal Reserve Bank
In offices where it is offered, a tour of your area’s Federal Reserve Bank is a perfect complement to your coursework, whether you teach economics, social studies, finance, business, or other career and technical education courses. Tours allow students to learn firsthand about the Federal Reserve’s history and structure, its role in the economy, and the vital functions it performs. The Fed’s three main functions—monetary policy, payment services, and bank supervision and regulation—are highlighted through the tour, and, in many Reserve Banks, educators and students are treated to a glimpse into the Bank’s cash processing areas.

As a teacher commented recently after touring the Nashville Branch of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank, “The Fed tour is of great benefit for students. It allows students to see firsthand how they are affected by decisions and operations that take place at the Fed. Monetary policy takes on a whole new meaning.”

Scheduling a tour
Tours of Sixth District offices must be scheduled in advance, except in the Atlanta office, which offers self-guided tours. Tour details, including group size, tour length, tour times, and grade-level appropriateness, may vary by Federal Reserve location.

Upon completing the tour, students not only will have a better understanding of the Federal Reserve, but also they will leave with their own bag of shredded currency, so you will have truly shared the wealth with your students!

By Jackie Morgan, economic and financial education representative, Nashville Branch