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Federal Reserve workshops offer professional development opportunities

image of training certificateLooking for ways to fulfill your professional development requirements? Do you need useful materials and information that you can use in the classroom? The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and its branch banks can help!

The Atlanta Fed offers a variety of professional development opportunities, including summer workshops and events throughout the year, such as Evening at the Fed, which brings educators together for dinner and an economist-led discussion of a current economics topic. In addition to economics and personal finance, these events span a variety of disciplines, including social studies, family and consumer science, and business.

Federal Reserve workshops allow you to expand your knowledge base, enhance your understanding of economic and financial topics, increase your qualifications to teach specific subject matter areas, and develop instructional skills. All these elements are vital in enhancing your success in the classroom and helping you equip students to meet rigorous state content and student achievement standards.

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Calendar of Events

The Fed's workshops, materials, and activities correlate to various national personal finance and economics content standards. And Atlanta Fed economic and financial education representatives have also begun to correlate these activities to appropriate state content standards.

At each educational event hosted by the Atlanta Fed, professional development certificates of completion are issued based on the number of contact hours for the event. The requirements for and distribution of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) vary by state and sometimes even by school district. To find out more about CEUs in your area, visit the professional development page of your state's Department of Education Web site:

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In addition, the Atlanta Fed's Calendar of Events is a great way to find workshops and other professional development opportunities available in your area.

By Jackie Morgan, economic and financial education representative, Nashville Branch, and Paula Munger, economic and financial education representative, New Orleans Branch