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Spring 2007


Special Topic: Lesson Plan of the Year winners

Special Topic: Katrina's Classroom

Special Topic: Professional Development Workshops

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What's Ahead

Lesson Plan of the Year contest enters second year
Attention, educators! Discover the abundance of Federal Reserve System publications and resources at www.FederalReserveEducation.org. Then, plan to enter the 2007–08 Lesson Plan of the Year contest and have a chance to win a savings bond.

Federal Reserve teacher workshops further comprehension
Workshops offered by Federal Reserve offices across the Southeast can help teachers have a deeper understanding of the Fed, monetary policy, and personal finance topics.

Understanding dollarization
Numerous territories and countries use the U.S dollar as their currency. Learn about why they prefer the dollar and how dollarization works.

Your first checking account: The starting point
Opening a checking account with a financial institution provides a safe and secure way to help manage money. It also helps build a solid banking relationship, which is an essential element of successful money management in today's complex financial environment.