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Special Topic: Lesson Plan of the Year winners

Special Topic: Southeastern bank failures

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Photo of a teacher with an apple Special Topic
Teachers show the right stuff to win Lesson Plan of the Year Contest
4/29/10–The winners of the 2009–10 contest, honored at an April awards ceremony, talk about the challenges and rewards of competing.
piggy bank under water Special Topic
Bank failures in the Southeast: They ain't what they used to be
2/24/10–Many people equate bank failures with panicked runs like those in the 1930s. But bank failures in the Southeast during the current crisis have been due largely to collapsing real estate values and the withdrawal of large investors.
photo of the Board of Governors building Economically Speaking
Bernanke discusses plan to unwind Fed's balance sheet
4/29/10–During the recent financial crisis, the Fed adopted some additional alternative monetary policy tools to keep credit markets moving and encourage economic recovery. Now that the recovery is under way, Fed Chairman Bernanke has outlined the Fed's plan for exiting from these extraordinary measures while keeping the economy stable.
photo of students and teacher Money Talks
Southeastern states boost personal finance efforts
2/24/10–Take a brief tour of the six Southeastern states' personal finance education curriculums as well as Federal Reserve materials that teach personal finance concepts.
photo of young people shopping Share the Wealth
Emphasizing consumer choice as an economic and personal finance concept
2/24/10–Three educators share creative ways to teach students about consumer choice and utility.