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Spring 2011


Why students should understand investing

Coming soon: Second Classroom Economist

Share the Wealth: Guaranteeing a high return rate

Why do women earn less?

Economics of the BP oil spill

Share the Wealth: Teaching students savvy saving

The Classroom Economist debuts

Car insurance basics

QE2: Fed monetary policy

Teaching budgeting


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Why students need to understand investing basics
3/31/11–Young people must understand the fundamentals of investing as early as possible. We may have to file this entire topic under the "youth is wasted on the young" category, but while they may not realize it, our students are blessed with the luxury of time.
Coming soon: Second module of Classroom Economist
3/31/11–What is money? Why have it? What are its functions? The next module of the Classroom Economist will feature Atlanta Fed senior economist Mike Bryan in a video segment describing the history and purpose of money. Also offered will be a lesson demonstration on money and other tools for the classroom.
Share the Wealth: Guaranteeing a high rate of return: Strategies for teaching investment fundamentals
3/31/11–How do other teachers handle the complex task of teaching investing concepts to their students? One Tennessee teacher uses the Stock Market Game. Another invites a financial planner into her classroom. Learn about other strategies in this month's Share the Wealth.
Why do women still earn less? Opportunity costs and rational economics
2/28/11–While conventional wisdom may point to discrimination as a cause of the remaining wage gap between women and men, research shows that other economic forces, such as the opportunity costs of women's career choices, are more likely explanations.
Economics in action: Taking the BP oil spill from the headlines to the classroom
2/28/11–National and regional economists are still assessing the effects of the April 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Find suggestions and activities for using news articles about the spill to illustrate relevant economic concepts.
Share the Wealth: Teaching students to be savvy savers
2/28/11–Although the recent recession has awakened many Americans to the importance of saving, many still do not save enough. A number of resources are available for teaching students the importance of saving and how to establish good savings habits.
Introducing the Classroom Economist
2/28/11–The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has a new online resource for teachers. Each quarter, the Classroom Economist will present information on selected economic topics for teachers to use in the classroom with their students or for professional development.
The basics of car insurance
1/27/11–Teens may think a driver's license is the only document they need to get behind the wheel. But having adequate car insurance is just as important—to guard against the unexpected.
What is QE2? Understanding the Fed's latest monetary policy moves
1/27/11–To support the slowing economic recovery and guard against deflation, in November the Federal Open Market Committee began a second round of large-scale asset purchases.
Share the Wealth: Teaching budgeting builds life skills
1/27/11–Georgia teachers share their strategies for teaching students important budgeting skills—for now and for a lifetime.