2003 Georgia Summit on Economic and Financial Education

Georgia Summit on Economic and Financial Education

Hosted by
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in partnership with the Georgia Council on Economic Education

September 4, 2003

"Forging Ahead for Economic and Financial Education"—Executive Summary with Recommendations

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Georgia has a strong infrastructure for K-12 economic education, along with many organizations doing their part to promote financial education among students and adults. Tremendous strides have been made with these collective efforts in public education and business initiatives over the last few years. However, today's world is so complex and challenging that identifying ways to strengthen these efforts must be continually sought and examined. Otherwise, our children will be sent into the world ill prepared, both as individuals and employees, to cope with far more competitive job markets and far more complex financial issues.

This summit asked some hard questions regarding curriculum, training, and assessment issues and pointed toward solutions and how to accomplish them. National experts such as William Walstad of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Governor Edward Gramlich of the Federal Reserve Board, along with other esteemed colleagues, discussed ways to make a real difference in economic and financial education.