Rethinking Structural Reform in Latin America Conference - October 23-24, 2003

Rethinking Structural Reform in Latin America

A joint conference sponsored by
The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the Inter-American Development Bank

October 23-24, 2003

  Program Presentations and Papers

The process of structural reform in Latin America is in doubt amid economic crises and waning public support. Thus far the process of reform has been uneven, varying across sectors and countries alike. Discontent with reform arises in part from its distributional impact. The research presented at this conference explores the impact of structural reform on economic growth and income distribution in the region. Papers investigate the effectiveness of reforms in a range of areas: trade and finance, where a great deal of progress has taken place; privatization and tax reform, which has had mixed results; and labor reform, where progress has been very modest. Four panels focus on issues of governance and institutional reform, second-generation reforms such as tax and labor reforms, financial sector reform, and the relationship between reform and macroeconomic stability.