Latin America Looks East - Regional Issues, Trends, and Progress in the Global Economy - November 16, 2006

Agenda and Papers

Miami, Florida

This program focused on discussions of Latin America and Developing Asia and these two regions' growing relationship, which is largely driven by trade and investment linkages.

7:30 a.m. Continental Breakfast and Registration
8:30 Introductory Remarks—Overview and Welcome from the Americas Center
Robert Schenck, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
8:45 Regional Socioeconomic Issues
The opening panel will provide a broad macroeconomic overview and explore the growing trade and foreign direct investment linkages between selected countries from Latin America and Developing Asia. (Similarities/differences in poverty, literacy/education levels, and needed reforms will also be addressed.)

Latin America: Diego Vilán, Senior Economic Analyst, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Presentation
Asia: Greg Fager, Director, Asia Department and Internet Services, Institute of International Finance, Washington, D.C. Presentation

Dr. Susan Purcell, Director, University of Miami Center for Hemispheric Policy

9:45 Discussion and Questions
10:00 Break
10:30 The Changing Landscape of Regional Trade Flows and Trends
This panel will explore a variety of trade flows and trends affecting Latin America and Developing Asia, including: The Effects of Developing Asia on the Maquiladora Industry in Mexico, Central America, and U.S. Border Economies from an International Perspective; Financial Services in Trade Agreements—A Regulatory Perspective; and Discussion of the Regulatory Frameworks that Underpin Financial Services from a Trade Perspective.

Maquiladora Industry Issues: Jesús Cañas, Assistant Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Presentation
Financial Services in Trade Agreements: Kathleen O’Day, Deputy General Counsel, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Regulatory/Legal Frameworks: Shanker Singham, Attorney, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey, Washington, D.C. Presentation

Carl A. Cira, Director, Florida International University, Summit of the Americas Center

11:45 Discussion and Questions
12:30 p.m.


Keynote Address
Dr. Boris Kozolchyk, Director, National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade and Professor of Law, James E. Rogers School of Law, University of Arizona

2:00 Corporate Governance—Background and Progress Made
Following the discussion of socioeconomic issues and trade trends, this last panel will provide background information and examine progress made on corporate governance for selected countries in Latin America and Developing Asia, including: common themes and summary findings from financial sector corporate governance assessments conducted by the World Bank and plans to carry these findings into future reviews of selected Latin American and other Developing Asian countries, and corporate governance in Latin America from the perspective of an international consulting/foreign technical assistance firm.

Corporate Governance Assessments: Susan Rutledge, Regional Corporate Governance Coordinator, The World Bank Presentation
Corporate Governance Developments in Latin America: Felix Palacios, Managing Director, Latin America Public Sector, BearingPoint Inc., Management and Technology Consultants Presentation

Gerard Dages,
Vice President, Financial Markets and Institutions, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

3:15 Discussion and Questions
3:45 Closing Remarks
Cynthia Goodwin, Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta